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Feb 5, 2009
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Just finished Ly n Low

Well I don't think Barry can ly low anymore

Here is the build sheet on this one.

PRC 243 CnC heads with comp 921 springs
Harlen Sharp roller rockers
Comp 850 lifters
Melling oil pump
Comp timing chain
LS2 chain tensionor
Fast 36HR/Lb injectors
SLP 25% underdrive pulley
Comp cam 224/230 .581 / .592 on a 114 LSA
Comp push rods

A few pictures .

Here we go

The goodies all ready to be installed

The tear down complete we see the carbon build up on the pistons . No worries as E.C.P will make it look right again.

Ah that looks much better ,all clean again.

The PRC heads with the Harlen Sharp roller rockers

The video . Rob and I worked untill 4 am to finish this for Barry.

Thanks again for choosing E.C.P Barry.

Much more coming in the nest few weeks , stay tuned as we kick it up a notch BAM !!!!!!!!!

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I look forward to these posts every time I see them. Awesome.
Quick question: Will carbon build up occur on the pistons no matter what, or is there a way to avoid this such as getting the revs up and pouring some fuel through the engine every once in a while.
Maybe you could suggest some driving tips on keeping our engines healthy. I thought the computer took care of all the parameters to keep things such as carbon build up from happening, then again, I am more familiar with a carb than a computer.
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