My Dyno Results - 2009 C6 AT LS3 stock no mods

Dyno Results - 2009 C6 AT LS3 "stock no mods"

I did two pulls this morning. The dyno that was used was a Dynojet "inertia" dyno. The graph was set at a "SAE" adjustment. The results of the two pulls are below:

1st dyno - 353.69 hp* / 352. 15 TQ* vs.
2nd dyno - 353.79 HP* / 361.32 TQ*

*note - Graph adjusted using "SAE" settings

After the results were saved, we changed the software to "STD" from "SAE" and gained 12 RWHP. So the 12HP difference between the standard "STD" (365.02 RWHP) versus the "SAE" (353.79 RWHP) setting makes you wonder about some of the results that are reported on the net.

So, I going to conclude that my Vette bone stock runs 353.79 RWHP / 361.32 RWTQ in a "SAE" setting. This will be my initial starting point. However, out of curiosity, when I do the next set of dyno's, I will set the software in both settings so as to see the difference. I suspect it will be interesting. :coolgleam:

I've attached a video and two graphs.


Combo Graph below:


Single Graph:

Note: This graph shows an increase of 13hp when the graph adjustments are set at a standard "STD" setting.

I thought you would have been near the 360rwhp with a stock LS3, but you have a good starting point now to measure the changes.
Is that a stick or auto, figured a 15% loss with a stick car and a 20% with an auto.

It's an AT w/ paddle shifters. At the end of the day, the real results will occur when all the parts are assembled. Either way, whether it's 353 RWHP (SAE setting) or 365 RWHP (STD setting); the initial starting point is still reasonable. But, ultimately the end result is what happens on the track. Running 11.8/11.7's on a regular street tire [Toyo Proxies] will be achievable.

So, this Wednesday, the car goes in for surgery. Can't wait. :D
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