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Aug 5, 2011
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Major Shawn Duffy and his C130 Search and Rescue crew are landing at KW airport tomorrow afternoon 16:00 hrs as part of their training run and can conduct a tour of the Hercules aircraft at that time. -- (provided they're not called away on a mission, of course, since they're on duty.)

Anyone is welcome -- bring your camera for pics , it's quite a spectacle.

He and his crew trained and landed at Brantford airport last April and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Here's a link to the airport:

Airport Home - Region of Waterloo Airport

In case you can make it to Manny's at a time shortly b4 (TBD) here's a link to Dasilva Motorsports Inc. in Bresau that's closeby to the airport.

305 Woolwich Street South, Breslau, ON, Canada - Google Maps

Hope to see you there. My wife and I will go since Marg used to be involved with SAR back when and would love to meet up with Shawn and his crew.

it is quite an opportunity. we all enjoyed it immensely on feb 20 at our peterborough airport lunch get together. i highly recommend it. :canada:


Cool Doug -- I missed the post on it.
No doubt Duffy told you about his visit last April to Brantford .
Yes quite an opportunity.....Looking forward much to tomorrow.

I'll post some more pics of his visit .... Thanks for yours Doug.

there are more pictures colin, in the peterborough airport lunch thread. also yesterday the plane flew by over the lake in front of my place.

Awesome, Doug, I'll have a look. He's obviously in the neighbourhood for a few days . He's staying overnight tomorrow night until Wed.

Look forward to seeing our buddy Duffy again. Hope to see him in his 'vette this year, maybe at the COPING event at Manny's in May.
He doesn't get much time off....


Coping Event

I will be there with the vette for sure ! If I cant make it - maybe we can come by and do some training during the event !

Manny and I will need to discuss tomorrow

Duff sends:canada:

BTW - nice pics of Peterborough visit - we go in there often - in this case on Feb 20th, it wasnt me but one of my guys - Capt McAlpine.
I will be there with the vette for sure ! If I cant make it - maybe we can come by and do some training during the event !

Manny and I will need to discuss tomorrow

Duff sends:canada:

BTW - nice pics of Peterborough visit - we go in there often - in this case on Feb 20th, it wasnt me but one of my guys - Capt McAlpine.

yes steve and his crew were great as all of you folks in the forces are. we all owe our people in uniform a great deal. us old geezers were just like a bunch of kids and it was something we'll always remember. could you relay our thanks again to captain mcalpine ? :canada: doug.
I'm sorry to say DUFF, I'm going to miss you this time around. I really enjoyed our visit last spring in Brantford. Still have the picture of our cars with the Herc on the tarmac somewhere around here.
Anyway, hope to see you again at the coping event.........
Terry, Marg and I will get to Manny's about 3pm tomorrow unless I post up an earlier time.

Duff won't know the exact time they'll arrive and fly over Dasilva Motorsports tomorrow but he will call me at lunch tomorrow with a time.
He does know that they will land at or just b4 4pm and be able to show us the Hercules and all its equipment.

Hope you can make it. It's really worth the trip.

Stay tuned for a definite flyover time -- I'll post it when he calls tomorrow about midday.

Just got back from Manny's and the airport -- traffic is the pits at this time of day -- uggg.....anyway I'm taking Margaret out for supper and won't have the pics up until later this evening.
Sorry to let you all down -- I usually have them up ASAP after an event but this time my beautiful wife beckons and I must go.:D

I will say tho that it was a fun day with Manny and his crew and seeing our buddy Shawn Duffy again. Very special.



One of our clients, is Major Sean Duffy from the Royal Canadian Air-force :canadaflag:

We did some work on Duffs C6 last year , and rather than driving the vette down he brought the Herc :rofl:

Duff dropped in today to the Waterloo Airport on a training mission and invited us over to see the Herc he flies and get a few photos with our Dasilva Motorsports CTSV . Great time and awesome experience :

Thx Duff :canadaflag:




Steve , taking some time off from painting to see this plane .
Steve does a ton of airplane paint work for both clients at the Waterloo Airport as well as Pearson.

Now thats a gauge cluster :thumbs:

Cool pictures Manny....That Duff is a real gentleman. Wish I could have been there, maybe next time.
I'm sure Manny is wondering just how to fit it in the shop to give it a boost in power -- (hmm, if I could just ditch the wings I think it might fit.)



the hatch out onto the top of the plane -- anyone want to wing-walk? It's not that high -- only about 50' off the ground. and I believe he said 200' wingtip to wingtip or was that front to back??? Huge anyway. Hard to imagine unless you're there.

some views just outside that hatch side to side and front to rear. This is one big plane folks.


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Steve the magician with paint from Dasilva Motorsports shop .. he's done painting on many planes both here and at Pearson. He's done some awesome work on many of our 'vettes including my ZR-1 spoiler. (so far)

Steve's summer or March Break helper -- sorry I didn't get his name but he has aspirations to becoming a pilot and seemed to really enjoy himself .....

Into the bowel of the plane with all the search and rescue equipment, side viewing places, and big ramp at the rear.

Flares and 'combustibles' in a big metal chest for safety.





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I can't thank you and the crew enough Shawn for visiting again.
It was an honour and a pleasure to see you all again. Please forward our thanks to all the crew for answering all our questions and for being so hospitable.

Many thanks and looking forward to your May visit in whatever vehicle you choose to bring -- hopefull the 'vette to get some 'magic' done at Manny's.

Margaret is still looking forward to chatting SAR with you on your next visit and yes you will see her either at Manny's (she's off) and at our home across town.

I'm sure the rest of our crew looks forward to seeing you again this spring too.
They were disappointed that they couldn't break free today.

Very nice to have Shaun show the flag again for the Canadian Forces, RCAF. Great shots of Manny and the gang as usual. Shaun, you want to bring it out here on Aug.17 for our Airshow?
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