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Sep 21, 2014
2003 C5 vert
I think we are all familiar with the ones that clip on the passenger side of the console. Do you have one and do you like it??

I do have one. It's not the perfect solution but there is not much other solution. When I hit the road whit my wife and we both have any beverage in a coffee cup size it doesn't fit in the oem cup holder + the one closer to the shifter is in the path of the shifter (my car is manual) so we use the front part of the oem cup holder and the other cup holder. It also give you a place to put your phone. If your car have is automatic, you may not have the shifter issue that I have. What I like about it is that you dont drill holes or bond anything that may leave traces and if I go to a car show it take 3 seconds and it's off. The cost for a cheap plastic cup holder seem a little hight but at the end it is usefull. Some suppliers offer you to have it painted to your choice of color.

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I have the Steelie Ball fron Lee Valley Tools...Works great. Mounted it on the left side beside Nav screen on the console...

Exactly that for I'm asking. Wanted to see how long is approximately. Thanks for info!
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