Dec 1, 2010
there is a lady who lives around the corner from me. she has a 78 vette. it has been sitting in the driveway since at least april 2005, thats when the plate expired. the car now sits on 3 weather cracked flat tires and is just rotting away. i have tried to see if she was willing to sell ,but apparently not yet. gonna try again in a month or so. can't stand to see cars just rot away, no matter what they are.
That would be hard to watch. What kind of shape is the car in? I imagine it must have some sort of sentimental value to her for her to not want to sell it. Maybe if we get a group of Corvettes together and stop in front of her place she would know it's going to a good home? :rofl: (Okay, okay, I just suggested that as an excuse to go for a drive!)
when i first saw the title of the thread, i thought it was about a pirate with a steering wheel in his pants.

sad to see the cars sit and rot, there is a 69 coupe not far from me that has been sitting for about 15 years behind a guy's house....he won't sell it. i don't imagine there's much left of the frame after sitting on dirt all those years. :(
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