Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
For anyone in southern Ontario (or even Steamer) here is an early season car event that you might want to attend.

posted with permission:


I "found" it while looking for pictures of vintage drag racing, missed it last year but am certainly going to be there this year. They are still in the process of booking cars, when I know more I'll post it here.

Brings back memories of St. Thomas, Golden Horseshoe, Cayuga and who can forget Niagaraaaaaaaaa.

That looks like a blast. I've done test and tune nights/days at Sparta, Cayuga and Grand Bend. I've never dragged my Vette but it might be a great event just to watch.

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I know the guy running this event. (Rob Ptter) he is really trying to keep it nostalgic. My old friend has been taking pictures at Cayuga (track photographer) for as long as I can remember. Very knowledgeable on drag racing and knows a lot of people involved.
Should be a good show.
I have some Super 8 film from the seventies that I took at Cayuga and Niagara. I had a guy put it on a DVD but the results weren't great. The quality of these old films wasn't the best in the first place so perhaps I was expecting too much. Back then, developing film was expensive so you didn't go around shooting everything in sight like we do today. Thank heaven for digital cameras.
Boy you guys are making it very hard to say no. I see my friend from Guelph, Jim Lindsay had the Pepper Mill Falcon there last year. Looks like a blast from the past!!!!

wow !!!!!!!! the pepper mill !!!!!! i sure remember that car. the sound of that full house inline was unforgettable !!! now we're talkin' bout my era !!! :coolgleam::coolgleam::coolgleam::coolgleam::coolgleam::coolgleam:
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