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Oct 24, 2014
does any know for sure on a 1982 if the outside door mirrors have a body color painted gasket or a black gasket between the mirror and door skin ? My car was repainted before I got it and the gasket is body color and I would sooner think the painter just did not mask it correct and it should be just black. Just checking before I put this on my list of things to do this winter. Thanks.
Just look broke when you are going to buy something expensive. Drive in in a Corvette and the price has already gone up. I have my old '87 S-10 truck that won't die. Faded with peeling paint on the cap but drives as tight as any vehicle we have. Pull in with that and expectations are not high at all. Looking broke has its benefits. ;)
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I was going to bet black. I had an 81 Camaro and the gaskets were black and assume they would have done the same with the Corvette, but good to hear you found your answer to confirm it.
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