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Oct 30, 2013
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I am not posting this for drama or sympathy in any form. Sometimes guys are just stupid. That was me.

I got up in the morning not feeling my best but just ignored it. Walked the dogs twice and headed off to town to grocery shop. In the store, I started to feel worse, hot flashes and the very real chance of passing out. I got everything in the truck and headed for home. I knew I was in real trouble but being a guy I drove right past the hospital to take the groceries home. I passed out on the kitchen floor, never in my life have I felt such pain. Shooting from my lower back right up to my shoulder, just a constant wave of pain.

The EMS arrived along with the Fire Department. They loaded me up and off we went to the Haliburton Hospital I had just passed. Again guys are so stupid sometimes. The hospital determined it was not my heart but probably abdominal bleeding. Because they do not have a CT Scan machine they arranged to get EMS back along with an RN, a very kind lady who kept me talking all the way. The ride from Haliburton to Lindsay is maybe an hour and fifteen minutes, Ron Fellows would have been proud of this guy he made it record time. Into emergency then to CT and right into the Trauma Centre. The on duty Doctor clearly do not want to operate, he looked almost fearful.

They put out a "Life or Limb" call and Toronto General said they would take me. Air Ambulance was called in, my first ride in a helicopter that I have no memory of at all. Forty minutes later we landed on the roof of Sick Kids then across the road to TGH. They were waiting for me and the surgeon said they had to move right now. Into the operating room but they could not find the source of the bleeding. I lost six litres of blood. Five days later I am still a mess and frankly I am not sure I will get over this for a long time.

So my point of this story is two fold.

First, if you have medical issues do not ignore the obvious. Get help, don't put it off.

Second, the medical system works, at least it worked for me and I hope everyone else. The frontline medical people were just incredible, perhaps in spite of their political masters. Not one let me down among the maybe fifty people involved in this event.

Try to keep the Billy Bob Thread to a minimum, laughing at the point is really not the best medicine!!!
Holy Crap!!!

That is nuts!!! Did they ever say what the source of the bleeding was?

That is an insane story! I'm very glad the medical system worked and you are here to tell us about it!

Best of luck in your recovery!

I'll ban anyone that adds to the Billy Bob thread until you are better. :D
Wow! Wishing you well on a speedy recovery.

Medical issues are definitely nothing to fool around with. Here's hoping that you're feeling better and out enjoying your Corvette again soon. :driving:
jeez-us. murray boy, that's a close one !!! get yerself better quick and follow their orders son.......we've got lunches and things to do. going from personal experience, when something is seriously wrong our judgement and thought processes get really clouded and it doesn't seem to sink in until we get some treatment. keep us in the loop buddy.

I can echo this. I sat on the lump under my left arm which was eventually diagnosed as cacner for about 8 to 10 months. When it was diagnosed it was Stage 3 - Stage 4. Let me tell ya it would not take much of lump to have me flogging the gears and burning methanol to hie myself to the hospital to ge this looked at!

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and that you're back in the drivers seat before teh grass needs cutting.

But thanks for sharing your experince - it sometimes is the best way of getting people to pay attention to what is happening in their lives..............


Yes Murray, thanks for the reminder to get help right away and not put if off or ignore the problem.

Glad you got help and came thru the ordeal...Looking forward to more good reports and to your getting back home soon.

Behave badly and pinch every nurse's bottoms you can get away with. :D

All the best my friend. Spring is coming along nicely out there.

Thanks for the well wishes guys. boB E it came right out of the blue and I cannot recall doing anything that did damage to the abdomen. It happened a week ago today. My health is not good in any case and they are wondering if the two problems are somehow related.

It will be a while before I am able to be up and about. I am struggling at the moment.

Colin, I am honestly glad I have my own a$$ to pinch.:D I really thought it was all over.

Doug, I hope I can make the next lunch however you are responsible for organizing the blizzard, it would just not seem the same without it.:rofl:
If Murray can't come to the lunch then perhaps the crowd might have to go to Murray. The Kosy Korner Diner on the main street of Haliburton serves a decent meal. If nothing else, get yourself all better for cruise season. We're definitely going to be cruising up your way when the roads are clear. Take care.
WOW! Glad to hear you're OK Murray. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. :)
Crazy! Nice post. I think male pride is one of the worst "diseases". We tend to think that wr can tough out whatever is bothering us, but it couldn't be further from the truth. So glad to hear that you were taken care of and that you're doing well.

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