Well my wife is the reason I have a Corvette.:coolgleam:
I retired in June, 2006 but in Sept.'06 was asked if I'd be willing to return as a replacement could not be found. I agreed and in March '07 my wife said to me " you're still working your butt off when you're supposed to be retired and enjoying life. You need to treat yourself. Whats something you've wanted for a long time?" I said "Pamela Anderson!" She said "You'll never have enough money for that! What's number 2 on the list?" " I'd like a Corvette", I replied.
She said "Then buy yourself one". WOW! I couldn't believe what I was hearing!
She enjoys cruising as much as I do, though she prefers having the roof off while I prefer the cocooned feeling of having the roof on. If the sun's shining and the temp is higher than 18, she gets her way.
Not only does she support it, she even drives it on occasion. When I got my new DD and was considering a small mod wheel package, she almost killed me. That money is better spent on the Vette. This is her belief! Wow, 30 years and counting. Got lucky the first time around!
My wifes the show scene if i'm participating but if i'm not in show sometimes has no interest! Especially when technical stuff involved.That's my silver car ahead of the yellow c6
Excellent tactic!!! That should help...

Cool idea by the way!! When you getting hitched?

September. It's more of a formality than anything. Basically a giant family party. Both of our parents were hinting at our wedding long before we were.


P.S. There are 3 major hobbies in my life besides my fiancee, Corvettes, Lego, and Guitar. The corvette is my get away car for after the cerimony, The cake is Lego bricks, ...Now how to get the guitar in there?
Fiancee hey? ..... Yep....definetely early stages.... wait till you 100% share your money and your Vette needs the rear end redone... LOL...it usually costs twice as much.

I.E. I work too, so I deserve to spend on me the same amount... does ot sound familiar to anyone? LOL

Don't get me wrong, my wife is awesome... but she does not think that a new Holley carb is a priority !!! haha

Actually I dont expect her to change at all, she is quite the "Gear Head" as Manny calls her.
She has a deep love of older performance cars as she helped her father when he rebuilt his 69 Camaro.
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