Aug 26, 2011
wasaga beach
2002 vert
late last season my DIC would flicker, then rolling down the highway the cruise would disengage itself, now for no apparent reason active handling engages?
Has others come across this?
I had issues similar to that 2 years ago and it was the wire harness in the driver's door. Make sure there is no contact between the wires either by isolating with electric tape or pushing the wires in further in the connector. It's been a year since and never happen again.
Hope that helps!
Now that you mention it I've heard of that same kind of issue with the wires feeding thru the door. As you say, they bend and bend and possibly chafe and then short.

Sounds like a great place to start SMRSLD.

G/L and let us know what you find out.

Sorry for the late reply , just seen this .

Ok , first check and clean all grounds . I have a DYI in the tech section on how to do this . Second , as has been mentioned already check the harness at the door . I have run into this a fee times in the last few years .

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