i wonder if it's classed as a bike, looks like the bombardier 3 wheeler with a body on it. if it was classed as a car.....would it pass crash testing ???
In Maine it can be registered either as a car or motorcycle but a motor cycle licence is not required .In other words they don't have a clue .As far as the crash test ,I'll let ya know how it goes :rofl:
I wonder why they don't have a window in the back for rear view visibility? Interesting concept though. I doubt it will take long before someone stuffs a Busa motor into it. :D
No rear window because the seat headrest would block it anyway .The two rear view side mirrors do cover all but a few inches .

I did join the Elio forum and they are VERY serious about a car that has not been or may never be produced .Certainly lack Canadian manners .

I keep thinking Tucker :D
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