Jan 30, 2009
Acton Ontario
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Did anyone watch the Daytona 500 last night.
What a crazy race. After a 36 hour rain delay they crash on lap 2.
Then play follow the leader until lap 160 when Montoya hits the Jet Dryer.
A few more crashes until Matt Kenseth wins at just after 1:00 am in the morning.

Not a bad race but I found it was more like a commercialthon with a few laps of racing thrown in. I know corporate commercial money pays the bills but come-on. Thats that was overkill.

We should start a pool for each race to predict what lap Danica will crash out on.
So far she is three for three to start 2012.
I know all three crashes were not her fault, just the wrong place at the wrong time. but it could make for good entertainment.

So Here it goes. Feel free to post your prediction.:canada:

Phoenix "BASHAS Supermarket 200" Sunday March 4 2012
200 Mile Race on the 2.5 mile Phoenix Track (80 Laps)

My Prediction: Danica Crashes on Lap 38
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Yes did watch it -- well some of it then recorded the rest and went to bed. Too late for these old bones....:D

Looks like they'll have to build some safety into the track equipment now -- they're vulnerable just as the cars are .
LOL, 200 gallons of diesel burns pretty good and makes a nice mess of the track.-- :rofl:

Seems NASCAR has mucked up the aerodynamics of the cars with all the changes -- They've got more work to do there to make them more manageable.

Yes the commercials tended to ruin the race -- another reason to record and watch later.

Danica still has 'dues' to pay so I'll predict she doesn't make it past 10 at Phoenix.

She's not near grouchy enough yet -- A couple more smack-ups and she'll be back on form.:D

I predict Danica will finish her next race. And I for one will be cheering her one for a strong finish. You go girl!

:agree: I also hope she does well, maybe even wins a Nationwide race this year. She is great for the sport, and also the best looking driver the sport has ever seen. Not to mention a great driver.
With the return of this pack style of driving, We are going to see many crashes this season.
This is just a bit of fun tagging on to her crash filled start of 2012:canada:
Lest I appear to the contrary, I also wish her well -- She's a feisty gal and I shouldn't hold that against her. :boxing_smiley:
She's good for the sport and deserves many accolades for her accomplishments.

Every time I look at the Jimmy Johnson accident on lap 2 and see her coming up behind that and how she avoided total disaster, I think she must have had someone very special riding along with her.

I really hope she finishes in Phoenix and at or near the front.:driving:

I went to the Bud shootout and I could tell right then that the 500 was going to be good ,exciting and interesting .I was able to watch the 500 at home except something happened during the last 10 laps ,my body had a power outage .

I'm a Tony /Danica fan and if Danica was ugly as a freight train I'd still be a fan .
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