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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06
Just finished up on Terrys 2001 Caravaggio Maggie MP112.

We started with 456 RWHP
Tuned it and got 485 RWHP
3" pulley and a new tune for 517.26 RWHP & 487.63 RWTQ

Nice numbers from a little blower :D
probably another 15%.= about 600.

Nice #'s Manny and Terry and congrats getting into the '500' club Terry.


That is correct Mr.Colin , we could have gotten some more , but decided to stay safe at 517 :D

I think Terry will chime in at some point for his observation :eek:
Terry, nice to see you join the 500 club...... and on your ride I wouldn't want anything less. Please don't let me get to close to this know what happen last time :)
Great to see you get there...... now don't hurt yourself !!!!!
I was thrilled after receiving a personal call from Manny that I had entered the 500 club and am looking forward to getting behind the wheel to see if I can feel any difference. This truly is a testiment to the entire team that Manny has assembled at Dasilva Motorports.
Thanks again Manny.
Holy Crap!!!! That is WIIIII-CKED! I was waiting for this result and I am also looking forward to hearing about Terry's seat of the pants test to see if he can feel more power. Great job Manny!
Solid performance, significant increase for alittle adjustments
looking forward to your response on the hp increase . May not happen this year as temps are getting lower and lower = no hook up:eek:
Just got home after a very loooong spirited cruise. I started off thinking I would just drive the car home after work but no way, I was having way too much fun to even think about parking it.
The response out of the blower is so much more pronounced now. Even the sound of the exhaust has changed. This car simply begs to have its' accelerator depressed. I was always impressed by the car's performance before but holy crap, does it ever pull now, even at lower rpms!
Unfortunately, it would appear that this new found performance comes at a modest cost as I burnt up alot of gas but it was sooooooooo worth it.
Manny's team has awakened a beast and I absolutely love it!

I'm not really sure how dyno sheets are read, but to me it looks like all the power is coming (or added) at lower RPM bands, no? Anyone got a quick dyno sheet lesson they want to give to little old XLR8R?

Also Terry doesn't need an excuse to speed now. He'll have to take it into 200 to 250 kmph. range often enough just to keep the carbon from building up. But then he could just do a 140 in second or third gear for that matter for the same results.
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