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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06
We have been given the great pleasure of doing a build on Joe's awesome Supersonic Blue , Carbon Edition Z06 :canada:

The Luxury Enclosed pick up in London Ontario .

Joe's build will consist of our signature LS7 heads and our DMS Stage 3 Cam package .

We will also have Julian from our detail dept do our Level 3 Paint detail and ceramic paint sealer :D

Going to be a killer ride :canada:
Thanks Fred - appreciate it.

Love the colour. It didn't help my Z06 envy...

Took a picture of it.

Wow we had 2 Carbon Z06's in and they both baselined exactly the same .

Here they are both together

God I love my job

A typical day at Dasilva Motorsports

Saw mine in one pic too! Manny, you guys are so busy!! Good to see! Thanks again! All the best, good luck with the surgery, and we'll see you at the Coping event.:cool:

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