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Feb 5, 2009
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Ahhhh man its been awhile since we posted up on this build . Lots of delays in parts and decision making have held us up for a bit , but now were on :D

Ford 9" - Wavetrac 3.92 gear / 4 link setup .

what's the flange to flange measure ? is it a moser piece ?

Tts not Mosner , its a completely custom application for this build . There are axles from Mosner . I'm not sure of the flange to flange as I don't have the spec in front of me . I will post them up tomorrow :D
i'm interested in following this. i'm kinda concerned that the 406 we're building may be a little too " healthy " for the c3 rear. i don't want to back half my car but i don't want to leave a trail of shrapnel behind me either :D

Here are few shots with some mock up wheels and tires .

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