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Nov 15, 2009
My 93 coupe has a Dana 36 with the auto trans,it has a 2:59 ratio which is great for very relaxed highway cruising or running top speed runs,i have heard that going to a 3:54 will feel like the car gained 100 hp,and will only be a small tradeoff in top gear cruising.

There seems to be little aftermarket support for the D-36 (lots for the dana 44)Is there anyone out there who has done a gearset swap on a C4?If so can you recomend a vendor,i would love to upgrade my gears.Thanks
a difference yes, 100 horse power??? I tend to disagree. You might actually hurt you performance a little to some extent also as those engines weren't that great over 4700 RPM and you'll be higher in the rev range with that gear set more often. You'll technically need a cam and heads to take better advantage of the increase RPM of the motor.

I had an L98 GTA trans am... same problem...
My car has the LT-1,has aftermarket intake,exhaust,and msd ignition,the L98 did have a much different powerband,i know that 100hp sounds like a stretch,i am skeptical about how much of a difference the gear swap will make,i do know that it should knock .5 sec off a quarter mile,seems like a worthwhile mod to do.
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