Jan 26, 2009
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Was hopping to get a few more weekend out with the car. The last 3 weeks I have been busy helping move my mother to a level 3 carehome. She gave us 2 days notice to the move and off she went! Then it was up to me and my sister to clean out here apartment and sell everything off. Thank god for beer!
Hey I hear there is a BIG house warming party on a acresage just out side of town, and beer is supplied!!!!! Thats what I heard.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
And there is a Corvette to give away! Wait! No! That's my car!

I agree that this weather came on extremely fast. I left the Chevelle in Saskatoon in case the weather was good enough to get a cruise in and boy was I wrong! Haha....tear. I think this has been the worst summer I can remember for nice weather...hopefully winter will not be so cruel and we will have an early spring...Is it too early to be wishing for spring?
Maybe we can wait till spring for the cars to come out...then do an acreage party. I wann see how many vettes will come out!

I have had the plates off my car for 2 weeks now. I didn't even get my good final drive before the snow fell:mad:

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