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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Saw Manny and the gang this morning for a curb alert install. Great visit and as usual professional install.
Judging distance from curbs is so difficult on these cars. No more guesswork with this little baby.
Well worth the investment......(bought from our friends at Corvette Central)

Cheers Manny and thanks.


Cool! Embarrassingly, I've pulled up to curbs thinking I was a foot away only to see the nose of my car a few inches past the curb. That makes you feel like a little less awesome. This unit would be great as I am now a good foot from curbs.

My only question is, how does it work on angled parking where the curb is straight?
I am sure it will get the job done, looks great.
Since I have the Boyo backup camera already installed just above the back license plate
between the rear plate lights I am going to add this small mini camera to the front for
some spoiler protection. It has a Sony 1/3 ccd sensor and can be adjusted 360deg and vertical.
Will put in a switch so I can toggle back and forth between them.

Boyo Camera Above Rear Plate

New front Camera above Plate
I have been thinking of a backup camera but am not sure where one would install the screen on the dash. Any thoughts and pics would be helpful. Also Not2Melo, do you have a pic showing the installation of the front camera? thanks.
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