Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
sometimes we see some quite rare cars at cruise nights we regularly attend. you know, documented survivors or restored cars, something that surprises you at your local cruise. care to share ? there is a fellow in this area that brings a rare beauty to the local gigs. a 1966 factory original dodge coronet hemi car. beautiful restoration, black vinyl roof, red, black bucket seat int., console auto. this car was one of 288 built in "66 ". another sweet one is an original "62 " ford galaxie 406 tri-power 4 spd car. stuff you rarely saw even back in the day. what do you see locally boys ? :canada:
There's a guy with a beautiful '73 XKE V12 2+2 coupe who cruises to a couple of venues around here. He's the original owner. Car is all original; even the paint. Gorgeous car.
Dave Hamilton has his well optioned orange '69 Z/28 that he brings out to the Warsaw cruise night and occasionally Bridgenorth. Bob Olver from Lakefield restored it and did a great job. Dave bought the car new at McGees and still has the lifetime lubrication warranty with it.
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there is a gent that comes out to the cruise nights that has a '61 bubble top Impala factory 409 race car out of California, lots of documentation and it is a beautiful piece, dark blue with blue interior, looks like it was just driven off the showroom floor and a real ground pounder!....I know I have a picture of it but can't find it right now
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Bob and Sylvia are fine people and so is Dave. Always a pleasure chatting with them. While I didn't know Dave as a kid, we grew up within 10 miles of each other. Spanky Goodin has the red Thames panel truck that used to be the mail delivery truck around Omemee back in the fifties. Pro streeted and done up, it can deliver the mail a might quicker than back then. I believe the panel truck belonged to the guy who owned the local butcher shop back then. Spanky saved both.
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Cool thread!

I see so many around here, but sadly have no pics. Of interest would be a 1958 Plymouth Fury (Christine).

I've also seen a rodded-out C1, but not since I got my 'Vette--this is when I had my 1971 Satellite (decked out as a Roadrunner).

There's three guys with AWESOME rat-rods as well.

I saw cruise night in Saskatoon with Riley this summer--there's some great cars driving around Saskatchewan!!
This is one of my favorite local cars:


The car is a very well done clone of John Milner's duece coupe from American Graffiti. The dash has been signed by many of the original cast.
This is one I know you've not likely seen before:


A 1964 Barracuda 2-door hardtop wagon. Car is a one off custom with a 4bbl 225 cu in slant six and a 4 speed. Car can be found around Sauble Beach and Southampton area all summer.
those grand prix and monte carlo aero coupes have a way of growing on you. i remember not thinking too highly of them back when but now i find them rather appealing. i guess that's because of the rarity of them and the infrequency that they are seen. probably one of the last examples of factory involvment with nascar design.
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