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Feb 17, 2009
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2001 Z-51 Coupe
Great day at London hooking up with Mike and Randy and Rick and doing the 5 am tour to London!! We only waited 45 minutes to get in!!

Finally got in and parked!!

When you get there early---lots of space!!

24 carrot gold mobile!!

Got to see the Ampha Car this year---in and out of the golf pond!!

the exclusive Caddy collection was awesome as usual!!

Nice and Cool inside Steve Plunkett's Man garage!!

Shot from the second floor down into the lobby!!

Steve's other MAN CAVE!!!

The Labatt's transport

Did I mention the AmphaCar !!
Part 2

Weather was perfect--hooked up with Peter and Mark and Dave and his neighbour after about 10 am.............

Early El Camino

Some Italian mid engined piece of rolling art!!

Lots of RatRods are starting to make their appearance at shows!!

Did I mention the AmphaCar!!!

And of course a Concours type vette!!

Randy even picked up a walking stick for $5!!!
Part 3

Absolutely loved all the blower cars there!!

Did I mention the AmphaCar !!!

The ride down and back was half the adventure!!--On the way back we stopped at the Puslinch Lake Marina Resturant--for the Famous Lake Puslinch Burger!! What a way to top off the day with the lads!!!
Great pictures. They were looking to have about 3000 cars there. Judging by all the traffic around the neighbourhood looks like they may have reached there goals!!

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I arrived at 9:00 am and waited in line until 10:15 to enter and saw several cars pulled over to the shoulder that over heated while idling in line. Although there were lots of volunteers to direct people, the volume of cars on the road created the congestion. The weather couldn't have been nicer for Canada's largest outdoor car show! I'm certain they set a new entry and attendance record.
We got there just around 9:00 am. We lined up to get in for 30 minutes.

Always a great event.

Any year corvette is always welcome at this event.

Who put the Dasilva card on my window?

Nice picture of my Butt on the 401 Willy.:canada:
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