Valley Vette

Valley Vette

Sep 12, 2011
Somerset, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada
2004 Coupe
Thought that I'd share a few pictures from this year's event with a C3 focus for the most part:

Couldn't resist the photo op...

Saw a few Canadian Vettes on the drive down but as I was driving my Challenger there was no informal "bonding" enroute. My first visit to Carlisle was a good time - I'll go back!

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Thanks for the pics! Have to put this one on the bucket list.
Wow, I've not seen so many 63's in one place b4 -- nor so many C4 GS's .. very cool..... A great show and definitely on my to-do list.

Thanks for posting -- by the smile on your face you had a great time. Say hi to the 'valley' for me.

WOW, very happy to have found this thread. This is an annual event then?

That's a lot of Corvettes!! Loved the photos, thanks for posting.
Corvettes at Carlisle was great 5200 corvettes in one place I didn't think I could get that excited but I did as my wife said I WAS HAVING A CORGASM
thanks for the pics, last year was the 1st one we have missed in 20 years, planning on taking the '65 there in 2015 when she's 50 yrs old. We like sitting at that gate on the benches and watching all the cars coming in and out, it's good to hear all the different sounds coming out of those beasties .......
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