You are right about the lack of individuality in the styling of new car, but that's what we are stuck with. Still, 415 hp would be a fun sedan and if it is remotely like our Corvette, it will give over 30 mpg which is always a nice bonus.
The trouble with GM is that there is no one at the top who is a car person and into cars. Oh, they talk a line but is all rehearsed and generic talk. They are totally out of touch with the people on the street...and that's us. When the GTO and G8 didn't really go over all that well, you would think that they would ask....WHY??? It takes more than just a big engine to get the job done.
Another reason these cars don't sell is most people want a compact to mid-size SUV these days or a pick-up truck. The only cars that really sell are FWD compacts and some mid-size models. Most of the people I know would have a pretty tough time justifying a V8 powered RWD sedan at the prices they charge. These are halo cars to get you into the showroom so they can sell you a Cruze or Malibu. I love performance cars but will never spend that much on a new vehicle with limited practicality.
I think these cars would be more intended as competition to the BMW and Audi type crowd. The market certainly is there if they can find a way to get into it.

That's what the ATS and CTS are for. I can't see a BMW or Audi driver cross shopping a Chevy. One thing that struck me at the Auto show was why the heck to they still make Buicks? Nobody I know would be caught dead in one.
too bad they don't offer stripped down versions. you know, your basic taxi style that used to be available. costs could be kept down and fewer fiddly things to go wrong. one of those stripped as a coupe would be alot of fun. fuel economy shouldn't be all that bad, guys with c5's and c6's seem to get pretty decent mileage. sadly though, i guess i'm just a throwback to the times when this was the norm and doesn't reflect what is current. must be why geezers like me enjoy the nostalgia stuff so much.
It's hard to figure just what market GM is going after. As mentioned above, it really isn't going to cut the BMW market other than perhaps for BMW wannabes. If you can't buy a stripped version, as we could in the old days, then the average joe is out. Our COPO Chevelle was about as basic as you get. 427, M20 four speed, 4.10 posi and disc brakes. $4400 was pretty big money back then. Had the car been loaded up with options, I wouldn't have been buying it either. Same holds true today. As with all other GM models, you will probably have to get a loaded car to get the big engine and as a result, the SS will very likely face the same fate as the GTO and G8. Hopefully I am wrong.
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