HAHAHAHA! I say NO PAS! I had mine made out of vinyl so if I wanted to pull them off, I could. I also had them made in red, blue, white, and some other color so I could see what style I wanted. I settled with the yellow. Putting GS stripes on the C5's only makes some people mad (for what reason I don't really know) but to make those people feel better about wrecking a stock car I also removed my flip-up headlights and installed fixed units. :D

Just make sure to post up some pics if you go that route!
That is true!....no wait. Apparently not even Corvette enthusiasts know why they are on there. Including myself!:rofl:

Latest rumors are that it was only used once for one race in the 60's to distinguish which driver was coming down the pit and for recording laps as all three Grand Sports on the track had the same paint job. This one race turned the stripes into a legend. May have to look into it further. Other rumours are that Carol Shelby used these hash marks on his Cobras before Corvette so it is actually a Ford thing that Chevy used and then solidified with the 96 GS Corvette.

What race in the 60's? I don't know. I gotta research this hash mark some more! :D
Hahaha. You guys are funny.

More on the "Hash Marks". Well, at least I have it pegged to being a 60's Corvette thing for sure. At the 24 hours of Lemans, they were placed on the cars to tell each Grand Sport car apart from the others. Car #1 had one stripe, Car #2 had 2 stripes and obviously, car #3 had three stripes. It was also stated that they were put on the driver's side of the car so the drivers knew which side of the car the steering wheel was on as the 24 Hours of Lemans featured cars that had steering on the right and left side of different cars. The different number of Hash Marks also made it easy for the European judges to tell which car was which. When the 96 Grand Sport came out, GM stuck with 2 hash marks and that's pretty much why we use 2 today.
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