2 You're 10
Feb 1, 2010
Stoney Creek Ont
2002 C5
Sunday June 26/11 Port Dover's Powell Park - who's all going? usually a good show/great time - I believe it's $20.00 entry with lots of good prizes to be won....I'd sure like to see NASTY 1 there! I'm there every weekend on my boat, some good partying! :D
Just found out the show has been cancelled this year in favour of future events to support various charities! The website indicated it was still a go, so I called Brian at the Stingray Vette club for more details and found out it's cancelled! Oh well, guess it's just another boring weekend of sun, wimmin, booze, and boats! :(
but, on another note Paul, look me up anytime you're in the Pt Dover area.....
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