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Mar 4, 2020
Little red 2020 C8
Usually includes licensing and fuel. so $250 is decent for their labour etc.
900 sounds very rich (no pun intended).
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Aug 4, 2020
2020 Vette,
BLUF: Not new to owning fun sports cars, but very new to the whole Corvette world and C8 experience. Just venting and need encouragement.

Good day all, First, thank you very much for allowing me to join this wonderful and informative Forum, I've learned a LOT already. I've been lurking here for a week or so, educating myself on all things that are C8. I've been watching a LOT of YouTube videos for the last year, and recently, watching a lot of Morgan Crosbie on his YT channel to familiarize myself on the whole Chevrolet ordering (and waiting) process. It has been very helpful helping understand Chevy's allocation process and although new to the brand, I've been a long time Ford customer and am familiar with allocations and constraints and manufacturer issues and letdowns (past Shelby owner and future Bronco owner....). I get it to some extent. Anyway, onto the reason for this post;
I live in Ottawa (recently retired Military, still a Government contractor for DND though), and have purchased most of my vehicles (currently have 3 Fords in my garage, don't hate me.... LOL) from the same dealer in Ottawa and they have treated us VERY well as what they refer to as "VIP" status, but, I'm sure most dealers say that, but, for what its worth, they reward my loyalty and I don't feel like a "number" with them at all. I've have spoken directly with my Dealer principal and told her my intentions with regards to possibly "straying" from the brand with my next purchase as the GT350 is now discontinued and the GT500 is overhyped and way overpriced for what it is. She owns around 15 dealerships in the Eastern Ontario region and totally gets why I'm looking at C8 and thinks its a great car. She directed me to a Chevy dealer she owns only 35 minutes from me (Smith Falls). The general manager is her nephew, and reached out to me and we spoke at length on the process and what their past Corvette sales were like, etc, etc. They have been around for a long while and have always sold Corvettes, but, not many C8's. Last year they only sold 3 C8's, the last 2021 model is currently on its way to them now. The manager hopes to at least get that many for 2022, and he confirmed that I would be 4 on the waiting list for new allocations. He also didn't want/need a deposit from me until he got an allocation and we actually placed an order, which I respect and appreciate. He has been very open and honest about the whole process and explained everything and was very transparent. They will sell at MSRP and only have a $895 dealer/processing fee, that's it. Even though I have not dealt with them yet, the brief interaction and experience makes me comfortable doing any future business with them. Of course, I sent him my build on got on the "list" and he promised to keep me informed as things progress, now, he did say something that I found odd and a bit confusing: He reiterated this on the phone a few times and again in his follow up email with me. Even though there is 3 people on his list ahead of me, he said they are "very particular" about their builds and will not compromise or substitute at all from that build. He said this because he mentioned that he may have to "skip over" them based on that and I may get an allocation ahead of them since I'm "only" building a 1LT with minimal options. I didn't say anything to him, but, I thought to myself, "well, of course they want a specific build, who wouldn't? I mean, anyone ordering and waiting a long time for a specific car is waiting for a good reason, right?" I don't see how I could get my build before them, I mean, unless they have some very rare and strange override requests and BG puts some constraints on those items, etc. etc. Maybe he knows more than he lets on. I just found it strange he mentioned that. Does that make sense to you? Maybe because they only got a couple of C8 allocations for 2021 and he didn't want me to be discouraged being number 4 on the wait list, who knows.

I really want to give them my business and staying "local" is always nice and I want to build that relationship like I have with my current Ford dealer. However, and I am not in a rush since I want to pay off my current 2019 Mustang before jumping into a new car again (will be finished by May 22), so, waiting for a year or longer is perfect for me anyway. But, I also don't want to be waiting for years for a car that may never materialize, and I know from reading this forum, many of you have been is this similar situation as well. It's the "million dollar" question we all have. Will I get an allocation and if so, when. It's hardly unique or new. I guess, I'm asking what would you do? I can contact Andrew at Bill Spencer in Cobourg, and from what I've seen in my research on here, have a somewhat decent chance of getting a 2022 model if I get on his list soon (maybe). At least I would find out later this year if it was a real chance or not with Bill Spencer before I waited a whole year just to be let down. At this point, getting a C8 is just "pipe dream" for me, especially getting one at MSRP that I can actually afford. This would be a big step up for me from my current cars. I am overthinking this, or, should I get on two waiting lists and see what happens? Would Andrew want a deposit from me before even knowing if I would get a 22 allocation? I guess, I need to have a chat with him. Thanks guys. My apologies for the long winded email, just an old man (51) who never thought he would ever be able to own such an amazing car and I'm venting...... LOL
Perhaps "over thinking" the purchase, however, I do know one thing...when you trade up from the Ford, you will be amazed and soooo happy Pozi 240! hope ya get your dream car soon...
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vinny's vette

vinny's vette

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Mar 13, 2011
2011 grandsport
I contacted the deal in Smith Falls and was willing to put a deposit down for a C8 Z06, the sales person needed to check with the manager and never got back to me....
Same thing happen to me at another dealer ! lol


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Jan 11, 2022
Thank you everyone for your input. I went with the general consensus on here, I put a deposit down today with Bill Spencer. I'm 119 on the list, however, there is 44 allocated orders already on that list, so, it looks somewhat promising for a '22 allocation. Fingers crossed. :) . Now the waiting game, but, I'm uniquely qualified in that area. 24 years of military training of "hurry and up and wait" has made me very patient overall. LOL
I'd be curious to know where you sit on the waiting list now ? I actually put a deposit at Spencer almost a year after you and got approximately the same number on the list a year later (121 to be accurate) :) I called them a week ago and I'm number 98 ... So a mere 23 units delivered in 6 months. If everyone else is on their list, i'd be happy to hear about their progress so far as well !

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