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Aug 30, 2014
Hey everyone. Our annual Corvette Meet and Greet is booked for May 11. Hope to see you all there.

2024 meet qnd greet.JPG
Lots of effort to make these days successful. Hope it is a good one for Ponoka crowd. :thumbs:
Thanks Murray. We've been doing this for 12 years now and have drawn members from BC and Sask as well. Someone is trying to organize a different function out of Edmonton this year on a facebook page and picked this date as well so we will see if we lose some northern Vettes to that, but we will still have a great time regardless. Last year had over 40 attending.
I'd love nothing more than to attend but I'll be planting crops then. You guys should have these in the middle of summer!
I know what you mean but summers are hit and miss too. Lots off vacationing and camping. I'm gone most of June and all of July this year. A wedding in BC, fishing in Sask and 3 weeks in NFLD....lol... My cropland and pasture are both leased now so have some free time to travel. Might rain on May 10th and then you can come on the 11th... You know what they say about planting in the mud... lol... Maybe next year I will try to put something together mid summer.
Yeah, and Cathy plans to attend again too. She met a nice lady from Calgary last year. They seemed to hit it off and chatted up a storm.
See also enjoyed a walk down main street Bentley. We didn't stop for a bite at the tavern though. Maybe we will this year?

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Unfortunately the Monkey Top in Bentley was destroyed by fire Jan. 12. The owners have indicated they want to rebuild but who knows when that will be. They just started demolishing and cleaning up last week or so...
Self-inflicted start to Summer cruising delayed.
Corvettes remain blocked in storage … argh.
Absent from so many events which will include Ponoka and the same day other one.
Old garage demolition was last week and
Development got approved so footings are poured and the foundation/retaining wall forms are going up May 11 & 12. Pouring reinforced concrete on Monday (wow lots of steel going in). Then time will be a bit relaxed letting concrete cure and for the Building Permit to process and be issued to start framing.
All this during corvette spring opening events. Conciliation is that I will be pulling out of this garage toward the 2025 Spring events.
Hoping for a less conflicting schedule but I know … it’s YYSSW 😂

Edit: hoping everyone going in AB to have a safe drive and good time 👍🏻
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