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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Wanted to get home early tonight from the school to get ready for my new job tomorrow. When I went to leave, I put the key in the ignition and the DIC told me to remove key, wait 10 seconds. Did that, then after I put the key back in, the service column lock came message came on the DIC. The car had the recall for the column lock done by GM already. I know that because I had to do a recall check when I bought the car, I could still move the steering wheel and if I drove quicker than 1 mph, the fuel would cut off to the engine. Searching all my resources, I cleared all the codes in the BCM, disconnected the battery, nothing changed, pulled fuse 25, waited 10 minutes, did not help. Needless to say, after 2 and a half hours of screwing around I thought I could just baby it home as I am only a km from the school. I tried it for about 5 minutes before I got nowhere and after restarting the car 6 times because I went over 1mph, I was worried about the wear on my starter and clutch, so I called a tow truck. I know this is a common problem on C5's but I am pissed off at the car because of all times for this to happen, I wanted to be ready in time for my new job tomorrow and I still had to get all my things ready. Plus, I have no idea who can deal with this situation in Saskatoon.

Plan of attack:
Let the car sit until I can deal with it, then
try a new battery and order a CLB. Does anyone know who sells Column Lock Bypass kits in Canada? I have heard good things about the ones from Corvettes of Houston but prefer to support our guys first. The next problem is that this issue with the service column lock has to be resolved before I can install the CBL. Also, I need to find someone with knowledge on EFI live or another tuner that can move the 2mph fuel cut off limit to 200mph so I don't get stranded like this again.

Rant over. Just tired and very disappointed.
Whatever you do, don't take your car to Wheaton!!! They had grease all over my white leather interior when I went to go pick it up and were real pricks when I confronted them about it. A few days later I found out they had everyone and there dog that worked there, climbing in and out of it to check it out and sit in it.
Replaced the relay that is suppose to control the column lock. I can hear it clicking now, but I still get the error on my DIC. I ordered a CLB from Corvettes of Houston. I would have prefered to purchase it a little closer to home, but I think they have the market cornered on that one. Once it arrives I will think about how to install it for the next few days, probably try it myself, get angry when something doesn't gop smoothly, then have the car towed somewhere to finish the job for twice of what it would have cost to take it there in the first place because I made a mess of things.
Riley, if it is electrical work you need, I have a suggestion:

Do you recall hearing a guy here in Sktoon that was going to be sued by Lamborghini for building replicas with BMW V10's at a price of $130,000 each? I don't think there is anyone better than him in town. I have his number if you are interested. I think he is currently the head mechanic for either Canadian Tire or Midas and he fixed all the electrical problems I had in my Vette in couple of days.

If you are interested, let me know, I would certainly put my reputation on the line for that guy.

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