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Feb 6, 2009
March 2, 1990: At the Firestone Test Center near Fort Stockton, Texas, a team of drivers set a dozen land speed records with a Corvette ZR-1 and a Corvette L-98. Cars were in near stock condition, minus mufflers and catalytic converters. Records include 5000 miles in a time of 28:46:12.462, 5000 km in a time of 17:40:53.748, and 4221.256 miles in 24 hours. Average speed for all record runs were 170-175 MPH. One driver is Corvette Development and Validation Manager John Heinricy.

March 6, 1996: Corvette
Interesting question regarding stopping production of a current model and moving to another... how long did it take from June 16th (stopping c4 production) did it take to roll off the first c5???
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