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Crap-o-la.... I just order one from RPI, had it shipped to Las Vegas where I pick it up a week ago, and carried it all the way home!
Question, was it much work to get it on?
Shoot eh, extremely easy to put on, two small screws on the underneath, 3m tape and it's basically is just forced into position. Great add on.
Sounds like it was great trip all around!!
I still have some, my buddies and I used to play "go fish" with them.
ok, to keep it on track , I will say I will post some pic this spring after I get it where can I find a lift in someones garage?????
I pay in BEER!

I was totally thinking about that when I replied... It's hard to stay on topic.

You should just have people over again! We can install your cover, have a couple pops, take pictures of the new install and visit all at the same time!

Hopefully that will get someone else interested in the cover and they can buy Postie's.
Here is a pic installed, I had to slightly move the tips to fit through the holes, OEM they have about 3/4" of play to move around and go through, then it's just stick in place underneath and two small screws under in the two corners.

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