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Feb 5, 2009
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Corvette C5 Common Problems

Leaking Battery
Many C5's came with AC Delco Freedom batteries that tend to have the case crack near the battery posts. The leaking battery acid would drip down the side of the battery, down the funnel-like battery support, straight down onto the PCM and the wiring loom. It can also get onto the A/C lines. I believe they are the vacuum lines that control the movement of the interior vents, and usually the system will default to blowing out the defroster vent. Sometimes car crippling damage would occur, sometimes not. It worst it would mean replacing the battery, the PCM, the wiring harness, grinding the rust off the frame to repaint it, changing the A/C lines and possibly swapping out another computer as well. This mostly happened on early C5
I found the ganged ground connectors in the engine compartment caused a pile of weird issues,ie multiple DTCs, and reduced engine power mode(very annoying) I butchered the ganged connections off and soldered all the wires to a 10mm battery post connector cleaned and re attached to factory location and all my problems where gone.

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