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Jun 3, 2010
Hi there, new to this site. Thought I could pick some of your brains out there and see if I can get some good advice. So I am in the market for a 06+ Z06 or 08+ z51 under 10,000miles. I find that selection and price is very good in the states and everything in Canada is way over priced. Has anyone bought their c6 in the states. Whats the process like? Do you recommend any particular dealerships or locations to buy from? What other costs should I know about after purchasing the car? Is it worth it to get a broker to do all the customs work? Is there a "good" time of the year to buy from the states ex. winter/spring/now? What about buying new in the states? What should be asking for from the dealership or questions about the car other than the basics (carfax, clean title, etc). Lastly what about warranty? I know thats a lot of questions but any advice would be great. I have always wanted a vette since I was young and after I sold my 02 cobra, Ive been burning up inside to get one but I wanna do it right cuz its not like you spend 50 grand on a car everyday. Thanks in advance.
Just brought a C5 convertible with 7k up from Wa. Well worth the effort and figure I saved at least 10k from the going rate here in B.C. for one comparable. Very easy process and simple to do. Just google "importing a vehicle into Canada" or pm me for more info.
Tons of threads about importing... I did it with mine... the gov has an amazing website that outlines EVERY STEP... its time consuming, nerve racking but not complicated... just do EVERYTHING they say...

Make sure you get US temp plates even if you get the car shipped up... reason for that is... if it had us plates you can get a temp sticker on it the day you get it up here... otherwise you have to tow it to a mechanic to get it safetied before you can drive it legally to get a temp permit then another trip to get it drive cleaned..

Buy the fastest vette you can afford in the body style you like most.

My friend just bought a new SL550 and he is kicking himself in the ass for not buying the SL63 AMG... at the time he said "ahhh i don't need that much power"... that was until someone pulled on him with a mustang lol.
Thanks guys for the info. Ive read some of these sites already but I just want to find one now. There are so many dealerships in the states and prices vary so much. What about inspection and warranty? I want to fly down check the car out buy it and drive it back but all that is easier said then done. I totally agrees with the go all out moto. I had a V6 mustang and bought a v8 and kicked by self for not getting the cobra. That being said do you think 46000 US is a good budget for an 06+ z06 with under 10,000miles 2lz package?
my sentiments exactly... there are a rash of them for sale in alberta also. to be honest, i've never seen this evidence that cars in the US are cheaper right now!!! if ur looking at 46 usd, go canadian..
Buy the best car that fits your budget.
Do you want a removable top?, Do want the power of the Z06?
Test drive a couple to see which best fits your needs.
I would love a Z06 but don't want to give up the open air driving experience.
My next will be a Grand Sport coupe. Best of both worlds.
Don't be afraid to go to the U.S. The price difference and selection of Vettes is amazing.
Plus our strong dollar helps.:canada:
Good luck in you search.
I got a c5z6 locally for less than 25. With super low mileage. Try finding that in the US, with shipping/exchange and brokerage, bet you can't. Maybe the C6's are a better deal X border, don't know. But if you offer a bunch of the local sellers, a serious, reasonable cash offer. IE: Show them the US price, the shipping, brokerage, etc, comes out to say, whatever, 35 or 40 or 45 or 50, then say, you can save you and I time if you accept my US to Canadian equivalent price of Y.

I do believe being able to see touch and feel the car is worth a few bucks. Plus knowing maintenance history and such is very valuable. Carfax is not 100% accurate, and people buy blindly if it has a clear one. Don't be the one that gets stung.

Whatever you buy, buy from someone with a history, almost all dealers stories are they got it from an executive from a trade in or lease return. after you hear it 3 times, you want to puke.
Thanks guys for all your comments. Yeah I would love to buy on here locally but all the dealerships are big dicks here. No one takes me seriously, wont even let me test drive a car. Plus they are getting them form the US anyways and then marking them up in the summer. Canada is so stupid with their prices, I never did get it why there is such a discrepancy in price. I check kijii and autotrader on a weekly basis and always get more pissed off after seeing whats available and what they are asking for it. The US has the selection and they are more serious to sell cuz of the economy if you show up with cash. I cant find anything in Canada for what I am looking for, 45 grad 06+ z06 with under 15000km. The dollar is suppose to come back up over the summer again so I am still searching in the states. I am planning to go to Texas in August for vacation and car shopping with a friend who lives there. There is so much selection there, i will test drive a couple of them from Corvettes of Houston and Dallas and if all goes well I can hopefully buy one and drive it back but thats just a dream right now. Thanks for the words of wisdom and if anyone seeing anything out there do let me know. Thank as for the one posted earlier velocity yellow looks so bad on the vette in my opinion. Black, Red, Jetstream blue are the colours I am after.
I thought i liked any colour on a Vette,but the other day i saw a teal C4,think of the San Jose sharks colour,to top it off he had a set of white lace wheels on it.Yikes!

But whatever floats your boat i guess..............
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