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Apr 15, 2012
Clarksburg, ON
Corvette 2009 Convt.
I recently visited the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green KY. The new body style is starting to grow on me and the plant was impressive. Here are some observations, when we arrived at the plant we were seated in a presentation centre, soon a couple of young folks showed and apologized as they could not find the video disk that makes the introduction, they showed us an old one. The tour through the plant was impressive, but I had a feeling that most of the workers didn't really enjoy what they were doing, they were just doing a job to collect a pay-check. Their dress code was what you wear when you take the trash out. Having seen assembly plants for other cars, (European) where they wear white coats appropriate head gear and gloves makes you think GM is not really concerned about image and by association quality. Maybe it has something to do with Union Mentality. Just an observation, I still love my Corvette.
I worked there for a few months in early 03 and I was also taken back at the dress code or lack of .But I can tell you from my observation that the workers had a lot of pride and appreciation for the customers and it was honest .Now a lot has changed in the past 10 years and I'm not sure the attitude is the same .I have seen the new assembly line and it is completely different .
At my visit in 2011 I got the impression too that all the workers were proud to be working at that plant and were most hospitable and friendly.
I guess they could have been dressed a little better but everyone was eyeballin' the cars pretty much from start to finish -- didn't matter to me how they were dressed. I'm just glad they allowed me in to watch them assemble such fine cars.

I'm going back some year for a repeat and am sure I'll enjoy it just as much.
I loved the facility, the people, and the scenery and attractions. It was a most enjoyable trip.
I highly recommend it.

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