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Jan 5, 2010
2008 C6 Red
Has anyone had issues in ontario, GTA area with COPS over the sound of the Corsa extreme exhuast....I am debating between the Sport and Extreme and want everyone's thought.

Just dont want the added headache of "smokey" pulling me over whenever he sees me.....:canada:
Cops in Ontario are pretty fair... if you respect the law....

edit: I've had friends run straight pipes no cats out of v8's and not get pulled over for years.... and I have friends that put fart pipes on their civics/G35's and wonder why they get pulled over.... if your flooring the fart pipe civic through town because it has no power your going to attract attention.

Realize that the louder your car is the slower you will drive.. and not by choice... a quiet car can have a lot more fun in the city vs a car with corsa pace car or extreme exhaust.

IE. I also have a modified Chrysler 300c... full exhaust/heads/cam/etc. The day after I had the exhaust installed I got pulled over for speeding... it turns out I opened it up on a side road but I did not speed... the officer then admitted he heard me accelerating at a high rate of speed and that is why he pulled me over.

What I realized then was that having a very loud aftermarket exhaust limits not your speed but your acceleration in the city / near LEO's... that being said.... my 300c has SLP Loudmouth II exhaust and my z06 has Corsa Pace Car exhaust... one is a deep musclecar sound that attracts cops... the corsa is just f'ing scary loud that makes cops give me the thumbs up from their patty wagon...

One thing to remember when your listening to the videos on the net with different exhaust sounds.... if you have a modified engine the exhaust WILL be louder... the more air you push through the louder its going to be.

People can hear my SLP LMII exhaust from a km away in the CITY... more in the country... I'm sure its further with the corsa and more distinct.

Corsa Pace car exhaust on my car has the ability to make people deaf under WOT if your behind the car... I'm not exaggerating =)

With all these negatives I keep telling myself my next sports car will have a quiet exhaust.... but I keep getting aftermarket exhausts.... masochistic? It keeps me behaving when I should behave... and there is nothing like the sound of a rumbling V8 at a light with people giving you the thumbs up at the lights and yelling "SOUNDS GOOD!".
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I have the Corsa Indy Pace Cars.
They sound awesome when you nail it, but are just right for regular cruising.
We like to travel with the Vette so these work for me.
There is absolutely no drone in the car with these.

I have never had any problem with the police yet.

I must be getting older. After riding big HP Harley's with stupid loud pipes for 20+ years, I appreciate my Corsa's.:canada:
I'm with Mark... my car sounds noticeable t idle, wicked under full throttle but totally tame (ish) around town... going loud will most likely also generate a lot of drone and make the car hard to live with for anything more than 1/2 an hour at a time too (from my perspective)

I just ordered a Corsa Xtreme exhaust I will let you know in a couple of weeks, But as they say most times will be OK but you need to watch when you nail it. But just to be sure I will keep the original exhaust as a back up
I just ordered a Corsa Xtreme exhaust I will let you know in a couple of weeks, But as they say most times will be OK but you need to watch when you nail it. But just to be sure I will keep the original exhaust as a back up

Just happen to get your Corsa Extreme's in today , now just waiting on the Vararam . You will be very happy with your new tone :D

Tico , get the Extreme's , you will love them and no worries about the boys in blue .

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I have the Corsa Pace exhaust was thinking about the Extreme for a while but think the
neighbours would come out of their houses and kill me when I start her up at 6:30am in
the mornings. When you add a cam, heads, headers etc she starts to get a bit loud on
cold startups especially. Go with either and you will love the drone free Corsa's the growl
when you give her the gas is amazing. :)
About to put in my order for the Extreme system (on the C6), what about headers? May as well go full meal deal, any suggestions?

Just read someone put in the LG's, so buzzed over to their site and looks like no need to order X-pipe as that is included with header system, so just order the LG's and Corsa exhaust?
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I had the Extreme done and did the LG headers at the same time. You will love the exhaust sounds just fantastic. Totally different car.

Order it......:D
Totally gonna order, just want to get it all at same time and hoping it all fits together; was looking for input on the mix 'n match...and LG site says to call them prior to ordering for anything birthed after '08, must be potential problems for the new models?
Alrighty, have exhaust in cart ready to order...which LG headers? Street series, Pro or Super Pro? I am assuming each step up is made for the guys that slap in nastier cams/pistons/etc...none of which I have done. With or without cats? Or maybe splurge for the Metal Matrix cats? Order finger getting itchy :p
Heat shielding while I'm at it?
lol...well just ordered the Corsa, debating the LG's now likely Street just not sure about cats, might do the Metal Matrix...cam someday but not this year. Brother phoned me the other day he ran into a cammed Vette in S'toon, said it was SICK :D So any of you guys up there run into a 20ish year old guy driving a Dodge pickup and he's drooling, that's him.

Edit: I'm gonna go broke if I keep looking at these aftermarket sites lol...Vararam Snake Charmer intake for another 40+hp? eesh, exhaust and ram air...that's passing a stock Z06 on paper... :D
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