Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
Dale and I were invited to attend the event at The Pines in Cambridge where the Coping Centre held the draw for the 2013 Corvette that Manny and his boys dressed. It was a great evening and the meal was excellent. We met a few nice people as well. Had a short chat with Manny too. There were even a few Corvettes in attendance. Glenn and Roslyn Crichton have put on a super effort to get all the Coping Centres up and running and put on a great evening as well. A very worth while cause. We didn't win the Corvette but a lady in Hamilton did. When they phoned her, we could all hear the conversation. It was priceless. Invariably people think that they are being put on by friends. I would think the same thing too. Of course when you don't win, it isn't a problem. Did I say that I IDIDN'T WIN!!! Perhaps next year.
They are great affairs, Keith....and a very worthwhile cause. Congrats to the lady in Hamilton -- yes it would sure be nice if one of us could win -- maybe next time.

Couldn't make this one but hope to make next year's event.

If I had won it, it would be for sale also.
Someone is going to get a great deal. I'm sure there is a lot of bargaining room on this one.
It's too bad a person who really wanted a Corvette didn't win it. It would be cool to have a new member on here where they always wanted a new Corvette but just couldn't get one.

However, with that said, if the sale of this car can help a person out in the time of need, then the Coping Center wins, and this person wins!
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If nothing else, Kijiji is good exposure. Look at how many guys here have seen the car already. This is how we bought our car. I dare say that Manny would be in a better position to get a person top dollar. She will get low ballers galore. There are some pretty unscrupulous people out there.
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Apparently she has a standing offer of $55k which she is now considering if anyone is interested?
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