Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
On Saturday, at the Orillia main street car show, Kevin, Rebecca, my wife Dale and I helped the Coping Centre group sell tickets on the Manny Dasilva prepped 2013 Corvette that they are raffling off. http://www.copingcentre.com/car_raffle.htm Check out the video presentation by Manny Dasilva and Glenn Crichton. We raised $3330. The group at the Corvette show at Wasaga beach raised $4560. We used our car to show people approximately what the raffle car would be like. There was a big banner with a picture of the real car which was at Wasaga. Not many people must have never seen a C6 up close before because our car seemed to get as much attention as any of the other cars at the show. I let a couple of nice kids sit in the car and their smiles were priceless. A couple came along and were interested in our car because they were wanting to buy a C6. After sitting in the car, they were definitely buying a C6. He is quite tall and was surprised at the amount of head room and comfort as well as the ease of entry and exit. She said the same. We had a great day.
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A terrific organization run by a great couple, Ros. and Glenn. I've had the pleasure of talking to them and being involved with some of the fundraising in a small way and really enjoyed it.

The '13 vette that Manny and the boys prepped looks awesome, I've seen it up close and personal and can say I'd love it in my garage for sure.

Tickets are a must have as well as the Party evening at the PINES in Cambridge November 9th, 2013.

Website is in Keith's original post so have a look, buy the tickets and mark November 9th on the calender. You may just be this year's lucky winner of that sweet 60th Anniversary edition 'vette prepped by our very own Dasilva Motorsports.

Good luck all.

Looks like Dale and I will be there for the big draw November 9........then we can drive the car home. I wish. If the car is still being kept at Manny's shop, then we will see it in person on September 3 when we are there. We hope to see Steamer and Colin too. I'd never been involved with selling tickets like that before. There was absolutely no way that you could tell, by their look, as to who would buy a ticket. Some would listen to Dr. Young and buy based on it being a good cause. Others wanted the Corvette. Others, well, just buy tickets hoping to win something. No matter the reason for buying, the cause is definitely a good one so get out and buy tickets. If you want to help sell tickets, pass this around to your friends. The video part is excellent and the web page tells you how to buy tickets too.
Do I have to get you to buy tickets again Colin or can we buy them directly. For some reason I know last year I had to outsource my purchase but I can't remember if things changed this year?
are tickets still for sale?

Check my original post. Tickets are definitely still for sale. http://www.copingcentre.com/Car_raffle_2013.pdf


Manny explains some of the modifications that he has done to the car to individualize it and Glenn explains what the Coping Centre does. If you have ever lost a child, brother or sister then you will certainly understand what this group is all about. A very worthy cause and winning a new Corvette isn't bad either. I guess when they phone up the winner, it can be hilarious. Some think it is a prank call and one of the more usual responses is that they have never won anything before. Nice first time win I would say. :)
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Thanks Keith,I saw those numbers also on the link you left earlier. It's funny that no one from the Coping center has fully answered the out of province question. It would mean more tickets sold through various car club sites if they knew.
Thanks Keith,I saw those numbers also on the link you left earlier. It's funny that no one from the Coping center has fully answered the out of province question. It would mean more tickets sold through various car club sites if they knew.

Al, they've told me that they cannot sell to out of province customers unless they are present to purchase at the Coping Center.

Apparently it's the way their charity is set up.

That's all I know.

I guess charities do have a lot of regulations. Too many people in the past have set up their own little charities with most of the money going to you know who. Like anything else, if there is an angle, someone will figure it out. Then they set up regulations to stop it. It's a vicious circle that ends up dragging everything to a stand still. I guess the only way around it would be to have someone you trust buy a ticket in their name but then there would be sales tax when switching ownership. It would still be a pretty cheap Corvette even at that.
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