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Jul 25, 2014
2015 Z06
I am refinishing the inside of my home garage prior to the Z arrival in the Spring and am wondering if any here have, or have had, one of those in garage vehicle lifts that take the vehicle right off the groud for clearance and extra space. much the same as a hydraulic lift at a repair shop only much smaller.

Although I know I can't get a second vehicle under it, this will give me about 4 feet of clearance to work under the car, or to lift during the winter for storage.

Esperience? Thoughts? Links in Canada to a quality product? Pricing?
I have the Lift King 9000, very happy with it.

It had a couple of features that the others did not, an external Lock Ladder that is welded along the posts, rather than suspended inside the posts by a single bolt.

It comes with a set of pins that can be inserted under the top Lock position as a secondary Safety.

The ramps are long enough to allow all of my cars to drive on and off without bottoming out.

Luckily, I have a high enough ceiling to utilize the full height of the lift.


I read an article somewhere, some guy cantilevered the ceiling in his garage above the lift to allow the roof of the car to fit up inside to get more height. I believe He only had to modify 2 or 3 rafters to do it.
Looking at this pik, I am curious if that garage door hits the back of the car thats lifted when raised. Also price and link? Tx!
I bought my lift from a Local Dealer in Red Deer, Thunder Valley.

$3500 delivered and installed.

I limited the travel of the Garage door to prevent it hitting the upper car when opening, otherwise I would have had to move the lift forward in the garage and lost working room around the front of the car. I also have a side mount opener.

The Direct Lift referenced above has the enclosed Lock Ladder I was referring to, the Safety lock is totally dependent on the one single bolt holding the ladder, hopefully the Welder was having a good day when He built it.......
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New C5er, It is a Lift King 9000 lb unit, sold by Thunder Valley in Red Deer.

Altho it is not complicated to install yourself, the unit weights 1800 lbs and comes in a 20 ft long box. They had a trailer to haul it and a set of dollies to unload and position the unit that made the install go pretty well.

I have a 10 ft 6 inch ceiling and at the top Lock position there is about 5 inches of clearance above the top Car. The clearance under the ramps is 70 inches.

The lift has 10 locking positions, if You only went to the 8th position, that would put the top car at 9 ft 3 inches ( assuming our cars are the same height). That leaves 60 inches under the ramps

The 7th Lock position would get you 8 ft 10 inches to the top of the car. Leaving 55 inches under the ramps.

At that height, another Vette would fit under the ramps but little else.
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