Jul 21, 2014
2001 C5 Convertable
Hello, I just recently bought a 2001 Convertible corvette. The compact disc player has been loaded and put into the car according to the instructions but I am still getting an err message on my radio. When I loaded the discs it took about 3 minutes to come up on the radio with disc 1 track 1 while the discs in the changer were being read by the player. Does anyone have any ideas why the disc player is still showing an err message on my radio. Thank you very much. DJ
I have a 2000. My CD changer caused me some issues as well. There are 2 possible problems. The first is that the CD cassette is worn and needs to be replaced. You can get them on line. The second is that the Larger unit itself is worn and won't pick up the CDs correctly. If that is the case you either need a new one or there are a few places that you can send them to and get them repaired. I am going to replace the whole sound system next year so haven't gotten mine repaired....I tried a new CD holder and it wasn't the issue for me.
That was a shot in the dark about getting the unit programmed to the car. From my experience, CD and DVD players can be pretty finicky and I don`t think factory stuff is exactly high end, high quality even with the Bose name on it.
The best cure is an I Pod interface. Plugs in the same location on the head unit as the CD player and holds thousands of tunes. Plus you gain trunk space and reduce weight.
If there is a problem with the CD player it is probably not worth fixing :canada:
I got an IPod a few years ago. All my albums are on it. With a little FM transmitter attached, I play it through the FM on the radio. It sits in the console and plugs into the outlet there for power. Works great and saves me the hassle of carrying a box of CDs.
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