Apr 24, 2011
Comox Vancouver Island B.C.
2006 C-6
Last night was our first major meet for the season. Had 10 cars out and everyone enjoyed being on the road again. Stayed at Costco for about an hour and then did a cruise of the Valley.
Here's Bob's new 60th anniversary Vette he picked up last weekend.

Group shots of the cars



Should have more out next week as the local paper is doing a spread for us.
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Had a great turnout last night with two new people out for the first time. Ben has owned his 2003 since new and had fun discovering things 0n the car he never knew he had, like a 12 disk cd changer in the trunk.

Another new owner was Glen with a beauty 2003 Fiftieth Anniversary. Great looking car, that he pick up for a very decent price. Well done Glen and welcome to the Corvette world

And Wayne gets the award for the shinest car last night with his Red 2003.

After our cruise to the A&W, Waren had us all in stitches with great stories of his medical history!!! You just had to be there!!!!
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