Apr 24, 2011
Comox Vancouver Island B.C.
2006 C-6
Well spring is here and so is another cruise season. A few of our regulars had their cars plated so we thought what the heck, lets go. Five cars for the first night, so we're off to a good start!
Russ and Christine's 1996 Grand Sport that had a few mods to this winter.

Bill and Terry's 1999 C-5 beauty

Terry and Maureen's 2005 C-6 beauty

Rob And Deb's 2013 60th aniversay beauty

And my 2006 c-6

The rest of the group are putting plates on for next week, so it looks like we're in for a great season.
Some great looking cars Rob. Thanks for sharing the photos and indirectly the promise that spring is eventually coming to the rest of us.

Thumbs up all you Corvette folks from Comox.
I really like that C4.....:coolgleam:

We had a pretty good turn out in the sunny comox valley.....all our cars looked great!
Russ.. Your car looks great.
Them other cars are pretty nice too...!


Have to agree there. Can't wait to get my '94 out this coming week.

I seemed to have missed your thread Steamer.....:eek:

Vettes are lookin' awesome as usual. We've finally got some weather like that to enjoy ours too.

Enjoy the meets and thanks for posting the pics......

Last night turned out to be a great one for a cruise. We had ten cars out and went to visit the new hiking trail at Elk Falls near Campbell River.
Road to the falls.
CVC 005

In the parking lot
CVC 013

Pen stock pipes carrying water down to the generators, 14 FT in diameter made out of wood.
CVC 014

The falls and you can see how low the water is for this time of the year!!
CVC 016

!50 FT to the bottom
CVC 018

New suspension with about 200 feet to the other side. everyone out on the bridge till they got it swaying!!
CVC 022

All in all was a great night and we ended up at A&W for a mini car show.
Cheers Rob
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Rob, I really liked the shot of the parking lot, well done.

Any idea of how old the water transfer pipes would be? Any idea of what type of wood they are made from? Interesting.

Some great pictures thanks for sharing.
Thanks guys. Murray from what I've found the John Hart power plant was built in 1947. The reason it was built at that location was a two hundred foot drop in the river from Campbell lake to just below Elk Falls over a distance of two miles. I didn't find anything on the wood used, but I imagine Douglas Fir would have be first choice as there's not much else that grows around here. Some of the trees we walked past last night are close to 250 feet tall and about 6 to 8 feet at the butt end and are something you just have to see to believe!!! Next time we cruise to Port Alberni I'll stop at Cathedral grove and get some pictures of the real big monsters that live there. Here's a good link for you to explore.
Looks like you all had a great time. Parking lot photo is awesome. Missing a certain Silver C4.....busy with the new job. Had a great time in Qualicum on fathers day....great show....lots of people looking at the vette.
Well folks haven't posted for a while so here's the latest. Two weeks ago we decided to take in April Point on Quadra Island.
Shot of Painters Lodge were you catch the boat to the Island
2015 07 08 204724

April Point Lodge on the Island
2015 07 08 180723

Warren and Nancy waiting to catch the boat back after a fantastic meal.
DSC 0920 2

After the meal we did a cruise back to the A&W for a round of Root Beer
DSC 0929 1

DSC 0931 1

I think by the feedback we'll probably be doing that one again before the season's over!!
And thanks to Carrie one of our members for the great shots!!
Cheers Rob
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