I am pretty sure the price is Canadian and the car is US as It might be a bit early for Canadian A8 deliveries just yet ... The advert also lists is as that price CND and not a specifically a Canadian configured and delivered car. Blaine if you could confirm that this is Canadian I could probably have this scooped up almost immediately.. Apologies if you posted that it is a Canadian configuration because you do have personal knowledge and I just misinterpreted.

MSRP seems to be same as selling price....no mileage yet tinted windows...
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I get $121905 with the cf dash and dual roof...but close...mistook the 125k originally...tx...already told 2 looking about this.
I get $121905 with the cf dash and dual roof...but close...mistook the 125k originally...tx...already told 2 looking about this.

I get a MSRP of of $120,885.00 on build it gm.ca not sure what I missed?
Base price 3LZ with shipping and air tax $98,915
Laguna Blue, $1,045.00
Black rims $520.00
Black Int, N/C
8spd Automatic $1,900.00
Z07 Package, $8,795.00
Carbon Flash ground effects $3,295.00
Competition seats $2095.00
Body color dual roof package $2,095.00
Grey calipers $625.00
Carbon Flash hood stripe $525.00
Carbon Fiber dash $1,075.00

He's way more in line then Sherwood would be they'd be at least $131,00.00 US

Absolutely a stunning looking Z06, it would be my choice,
Entered the wrong dual roof...I'm wrong lots no secret there. In fact, I would not be getting my Z06 but for my own mistake ordering a Stingray, frustration in lack of transparency with the dealer and return of down payment that created this opportunity.

Still a strange circumstance with the tinted windows and mileage only 32k. Do we figure it us a dealer or private sale?
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Canadian VIN???????

:canada: car with 20km...clearly has GM warranty. :rolleyes:
This is an example of a VIN # for a 2015 Corvette Coupe (3LT, Z51, MN7):

1 G 1 Y L 2 D 7 X F 5 1 0 0 0 0 1

There are 17 characters. Starting with first character on left the codes are:
01. "1"= Built in US
02. "G"= General Motors
03. "1"= Chevrolet
04. Denotes the car line: Corvette is a "Y" body.
05. Provides more info about the car:
.. A=1LT M/T
.. B=1LT A/T
.. C=2LT M/T
.. D=2LT A/T
.. E=3LT M/T
.. F=3LT A/T
.. G=Z51 1LT M/T
.. H=Z51 1LT A/T
.. J=Z51 2LT M/T
.. K=Z51 2LT A/T
.. L=Z51 3LT M/T
.. M=Z51 3LT A/T
.. N=Z06 1LZ M/T
.. P=Z06 1LZ A/T
.. R=Z06 2LZ M/T
.. S=Z06 2LZ A/T
.. T=Z06 3LZ M/T
.. U=Z06 3LZ A/T
.. 9=export (Non US, Non Canada)
06. Body style: "2" = Coupe, "3" = Convertible
07. Restraint code: D
Guy says he took delivery yesterday and says it was ordered with Windows tinted?!?!?!?!? He stuttered on that answer by the way. Says he has 3 offers over 130K now and then asked if I am a buyer. I stated no I already have one on route but I can pretty much guarantee a buyer for him through me no cost if it is a Canadian configuration. He then hung up on me. So there you have it... Canadian model delivered yesterday WITH FACTORY TINTED WINDOWS... Ya I'de be jumping eheh That baby had to be transported and delivered with invoice in less than 10 days.

Phone number is 7607058888 - Google Voice cannot be returned or traced.

Oh...am I too late to order factory window tint? Crap!

Folks if it seems to good to be true...consider carefully. Maybe I am wrong but... I might question only one picture of the car, no warranty, unknown tranny, the fact that it got delivered so fast, the fact that it contains factory tinted windows, the fact that the guy uses Google Voice which cant be returned or traced, oh and the fact that there is no proof whatsoever that it is a Canadian VIN. Hey maybe I am wrong and someone will get a great deal!

You are in Windsor; check it out for the team Jake. I know at least 3 that would truly appreciate the assistance.
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