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Feb 5, 2009
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I had the pleasure of helping Mike out with his 04 Z06 . We were able to get the tune right with John's help at Westport , , and were able to get Mike's Z to pass emissions. Mike is a class and I very much enjoyed meeting his friend Rocky & son Friday night.

Here are a few pic's of Mike fine ride .





Mike hope we left a good impression and we can do something more for you in the future :D

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Sorry Manny I can't respond properly just yet, having way too much fun.

I got brave enough to test it a bit today. these tires suck. Almost went sideways in 3rd today when I got on it.

I can see that disabling traction control in this cold weather is a deathwish.

Took my cousin for a ride today... When I punched it in 2nd then threw 3rd he was scrambling with his hands.... when i slowed down I asked him wtf he was doing... he said he was looking for the hsh (holy s**t handle).

Manny the tune is great. Its night and day. It still pops nicely... its more of a healthy pop vs a flooded pop.

You left quite the impression on Curtis... on the way home he says to me "leave it in 5th you f*****g p***y". LOL.

Don't worry Manny... you make spending money very easy! I'm sure we'll figure something out. First I have to make the wife happy and get her a hat.
Great Video! Now so much a fan of the music, but whatever. The driver seems pretty good to be able to handle all that power. Hey Mike, does your car whine like the one in the video?
Only when Manny drives it. lol.

It whines.... but when your inside and the corsa is making you deaf its not as easy to hear as the outside whine. lol.

I'll go by my house under full boost and have my wife record it to see if you can hear the whine.
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