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Dec 27, 2009
1989 FX3 Z51 Coupe
Well, she finally let me down! After a couple of years with not so much as a hiccup, the arse fell out the clutch slave cylinder. I floated it down to my trusted technician who spent the last two weeks looking for the AC Delco variety and announced today that only Kerbecks Corvette can get them but not until September 25 !!!!! That means a total of 8 friggin' weeks before my Vette comes home. Anyone gone through this? Should I be afraid of the lesser aftermarket brands? Read some horror stories online today of Wagner slave cylinders letting go after 2000 kms. Should I do the right thing and wait for the AC Delco cylinder? It's a ZF 6 speed. Your thoughts ....
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I would wait for the AC Delco....but my car is still running and drivable so that is easy for me to say. I'm sure the Wagners are not bad and anything can fail after only a little time as not everything is perfect....So, I'll change my mind. If you have no events and no travel plans or anything like that, wait for the Delco. If you were planning any traveling or just want to drive your car, get the Wagner because if it does go (hopefully not a complete failure) that's what warranty is for....but then again, if you don't trust Wagner and every time you hit the brakes you wonder if it's go to work, wait for the Delco unit. Does that help? I didn't think so.
Wait for the Delco. I had the slave replaced with an aftermarket and it lasted
about 12 months. When it went the 2nd time it leaked clutch fluid into the clutch plates and , you guessed it,bye bye clutch and fly wheel, very expensive.
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