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Nov 29, 2010
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I have a 2006 Z06 with an issue. When I start driving the car after it sits for a day the clutch pedal does not come all the way to the top when it is released. It only comes up to the start of the free play and doesn't come back that last inch. It only comes up that last inch if I lift the pedal with my foot. After the car gets warmed up it is good for the rest of the day and comes all the way to the top on its own. Any suggestions? Is there a return spring broke or weak? Is there a lubrication point I am missing? Any help would be appreciated.
125,000 km on the car and it has probably never been done. I bought the car about 10,000 km ago. Is there a service interval for changing out the fluid?
125,000 km on the car and it has probably never been done. I bought the car about 10,000 km ago. Is there a service interval for changing out the fluid?

Absolutely! :D

My 2011 handbook has a section in Vehicle Care on the Hydraulic Clutch system -- maintenance and fluid type and what to look for.

It also recommends changing the fluid every 2 years. -- Your '06 Z may be very much in need of a fluid change if it's not been done b4.. :D

When they change the fluid have them check the pedal return spring.

If you don't find changing the clutch fluid works, I would send Manny at Dasilva Motorsports (Nasty98) a PM. He may be able to suggest a course of action to get you up and back to new!
You guys have come a long way , its great to see others lending a hand and giving out the proper information . I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that I don't get on here as often as I did . That's not a bad thing ,just that the shop is super busy .

Here is a link on doing the bleed procedure in your driveway :

Clutch Care

Please feel free to PM myself or Arun with any technical questions :canada:
Good morning,

An excellent link Manny and certain to give one the necessary motivation to perform this procedure when it appears to be required. I sure never knew that they were so sensitive and it also makes me happy that you recommended a clutch/pressure plate/flywheel upgrade to the car.

72 hours to go now?? But not a great forecast at the moment........I hope it will turn around yet.


Great link Manny! I have performed a fluid change as described in your link and it worked very well.

As much as I miss having you on this forum as much as you used to be, I would rather you had a busy shop and less time for us than lots of time for us and not much going on in the shop, besides, keeping a busy shop and posting on the projects gives us something to read and drool over during the cold winter months and days when we are stuck inside during the summer. It also gives us an opportunity to dream about future mods and see what our fellow Vette brothers and sisters are doing.

Keep up the AWESOME work Manny!
Thanks for the help guys. That was the problem. The clutch fluid was black and had lots of crap in it. It was probably never changed. After several flushings it is back to looking clean the clutch works properly again.
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