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Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
A few weeks ago I fired up the car and pulled it out of the driveway... Shortly after I got all kinds of warning lights and messages saying things like "service car soon" and "service active handling" (or something like that)...

I didn't think anything of it and sure enough, the problem went away as I suspected it would. Does anyone know what might have caused this though? Just curious if there is something common with these cars that might make them think that there is a problem when there really isn't??


As far as I am concerned that is just another one of the C5's delightful Gremlins! The same thing happened to me once last year, with no further complications, I think the computer is just bored, and does these things to amuse its self!!!

I have also had only one head light go up, causing me to turn them on and off a couple times then everything works fine again for years.

Who knows?!?!?!?

The are are quite a few of these false alarms with the C5's . It for the most part is nothing to worry about . I would check the DIC codes ,clear them and re-fire the car . Things like low voltage will cause some interesting codes to come up. Also remember the thread I have on gounds .

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I had this message come on today as I made a corner on some loose road mung. I felt the tires slip a tad then the "service active handling" light came on then service engine soon.

I figured it was related to non oem size tires/rims.

Will have the really test the active handling on the car tomorrow to make sure it works before I go nuts.

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