Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Now, this in on the car.

How do you guys clean the barrels in the wheels of your cars? The calipers are so close to the barrel that I can't get it clean all the way to the back. Well, I can get them pretty good on the rears but not the fronts. I just hope that I wash it enough that I eventually get the front as far as I can reach (Just past the disk).

Do you guys take the wheels off? How do you make sure your wheels are clean right to the back?
I take the wheels off once a year.All other times I use ADAMs green wheel cleaner. Its an eco freindly liquid spray. Works great and is safe on all wheel finishes
with the Adams Green Wheel Cleaner I just spray and hose off the wheels with water weekly. Removes the brake dust, you can actully see it coming off when you turn the hose on. I will the use the Adams Detail Spray to keep the chrome car show ready.
CLEANING My Wheels X-13 by DUB

Well here is what I do, wheels come off in the spring and mid summer. I a very good wheel polish and sealer good six months. I bought this stuff at Carlisle at the show . It works well like they and it should for $60.00... I'm not crazy about cleaning my wheels they are a lot work.. but on the other side I do get enjoy the ice cold beer ...LOL

Product name is Master Formula Metal Gloss and Sealer

website Official Site of Master Formula

no I don't sell this product ... check :canada:



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You can orde them from Corvette Central , who are sponsors on this site .
Adams is an excellent product but most recently I have tried Griots which is also a very good product but is only available out of the USA direct or from two sponsored Tire Rack outlets. (The number one choice of Ferrari and Porsche owners)
I use a sponge glued to a paint stick .

Also I remove my painted wheels 2-3 times a year and use coats of liquid Glass .
Hey 4ryanr -- where you at? I'm on west side off GrandRidge near Cedar.

Im on Attwood near our vette guru Manny:seeya:
I take them off once a year and wax and the rest of the year use a detail wheel brush that is about 20" long and goes to the right to the inside with 2" soft bristles a handle on one end and the other end has rubber protection to not scratch the wheel. Works great and easy !!!
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