Oct 14, 2021
2019 ZR1
Who has cleaned their alcantara steering wheel? Most likely I'm planning to purchase this product to use on my ZR1 wheel:

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I've also been checking out vids on cleaning the wheel so just wondering if anyone has done basically similar or a different way or use a different product than what I'm planning to buy and use? Most things I've read the steering wheel should feel soft and kinda spongy but the area where you hold the wheel is now feeling the opposite and the black colour of the fabric looks lighter so want to bring back that OE look and feel when you hold the wheel.
This is what I use, Sonax with a soft Kiwi shoe polish brush. Alcantara Cleaner
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So I cleaned the wheel yesterday, pretty good results. The black colour of the Alcantara is back and the wheel does feel a bit more supple. I checked it this morning and it has dried up completely so pretty good product.

I decided to redo it again just now (was out there in the garage for about 1/2 hour) so I'll check it again in the morning. I have more Alcantara to use the product on since I have that interior in my car. The next place to clean is the armrest and door panels, also have Alcantara on the dash and A pillars but they aren't really dirty so I might leave it for a bit before doing those areas.
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