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Jan 11, 2009
The CCF Classifieds is intended for individuals to buy, sell, and trade between one another. CCF cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the buyer, seller, trader, or the items being exchanged. CCF does not take responsibility of any sort for any transactions that take place between individuals.

Please post your items in the proper forum:
Classifieds -> Vehicles for Sale/Wanted: Selling a car or looking to buy a car? This is the forum to post in
Classifieds -> Parts for Sale/Wanted: Any and all car parts, wanted and for sale go here.
Classifieds -> General for Sale/Wanted: You may list any non-car related item for sale or as wanted here.

We will remove listings posted in any other forum.

Why can't I post a classified?
You need to have a post count of at least 10 in order to post a classified. You're only permitted to run 2 active classifieds at any one time until your post count reaches 100 at which point this restriction is lifted.


  1. You MUST post a price for ALL For Sale (FS) and For Sale/For Trade (FS/FT) classifieds.
  2. You cannot charge taxes for your items. Honour your prices. Official CCF Vendors and Sponsors are excluded and may charge tax where applicable.
  3. No auction style posts will be allowed. This includes posting vague statements like "Make me an offer!" or waiting for an offer higher than what you posted. The posting of eBay links by themselves is prohibited. eBay links are allowed if the poster is willing to sell the item(s) to forum members at a specified, POSTED price.
  4. Threadcrapping will not be tolerated. If you do not intend to buy and have no legitimate questions or concerns, please refrain from posting in that topic. If you think the asking price is too high, or want to make an offer significantly lower than the posted price, please contact the seller via email or private message (PM).
  5. You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession. You cannot sell items on behalf of your friends, relatives, etc. If they wish to sell something, they should create their own forum account. Selling intangible goods or selling by proxy is strictly prohibited.
  6. Curb-siders are strictly prohibited from listing items for sale.
  7. No alcohol, tobacco, pornography or weapon sales. This includes air soft and paintball guns.
  8. No pirated/bootleg/illegal/trades allowed. You cannot disclose the inclusion of pirated games/applications/movies in any of your sale threads. Your price can also not reflect the inclusion of pirated games/applications/movies. Furthermore, the sale of fake branded goods is strictly prohibited.
  9. Selling tickets for an event above the ticket face value is illegal and not allowed. You must include the face value of the ticket in your ticket sale listing. Creative evasion of the scalping laws (ie including another item) is not allowed.
  10. Price Checks/Interest Checks do not belong in the Classifieds Forums. Please post all Price Checks in the relevant forum or in the off topic forums where appropriate. Please make it a genuine post to determine price and not an attempt to find the highest bidder.
  11. Services are not allowed in the Classifieds unless posted by featured Vendors and Forum Sponsors. We have had numerous problems with people offering services and believe this is in the best interest of our users.
  12. Dealers, resellers and other large quantity sellers are not allowed to post in the Classifieds unless you are a CCF Vendor/Sponsor. Please contact us if you're interested in sponsoring Canada's Premier Corvette Community.
  13. Cross posting (posting the same item in more than one forum) will not be tolerated. Please only post for sale items in ONE classified forum.
  14. Please be as detailed as possible with your listing, you may specify a general location (with the option of keeping it private to only those that contact you). Pictures are always encouraged as are estimates on shipping costs.

We reserve the right to delete, alter or move your classified listing at our discretion at any time.

Should you have any questions or special requests please feel free to contact us using the contact form in the footer or directly via private messages.
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