Nice video, but what,,,, They are Not telling you is, BMW has a BIG problem with their final drives. ( We are German's, We know everything, if YOU have a problem........ It is YOUR fault for not following the regime)........Nice.......... For the price of some highly advertised German POS, I can buy 2 Corvette's and still beat their ass.....At 30 MPG (take that Al Gore).........
I think that was a Marcedes SLS,but I agree with wanting two vettes over one BMW,one for me and one for the wife!
I like it. However, I bet if I wore a nice white shirt, walked really quickly, and had a serious look on my face while carrying a clipboard, I could get my car to do a loop in a tunnel too.

Nice looking car though.
This car is going for 150 000 euros that converts to almost 225 000 cad. I think we could get a ZR1 and a Z06, may even be a little left over for a mini van for the wife,,,...
The SLS seems to work well, sure. However, I'll bet any of you guys out there with a C5 or C6 could barrel roll that tunnel every bit as well. The C4's might even do it with the suspension stiffened up. There has been talk for years now about F1 cars exerting enough downforce to stick to the roof of a tunnel for a measured distance, trouble was, no tunnel with a flat enough surface. Top Gear was saying the Swiss may have just the tunnel for the job, so keep watching for it. Now that would impress me right to the ground!
That would be awesome to see an F1 car on the roof of a tunnel. They would have to be careful of spinning their rear tires depending on how "light" the rear end was when upside-down.

I think I have seen some compact cars with enough spoilers on them to exert their own weight in down force...wait a minute...that might be because the spoilers weigh as much as the car, not because they do anything.:rofl:
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