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Dec 20, 2009
2009 C6 coupe
If your overly sensitive about your Vette, you may not want to watch (although you still should), I couldn't imagine doing this! Enjoy or not... (Episode 13)

Vette Girl TV
how could anyone involved in such a ridiculous event be smiling??? i thought that people who ran with the bulls were stupid!! this proves these people have remarkably skinny family trees
I would have to say that that is even dumber than the guy with the Z06 who smoked his clutch. What a couple of rejects.

That's why they made pickup trucks, to do stupid things like that. I was rooting for the airbags to go off in their faces.
Well you guys summed up all my opinions quite well! Got to say, something about a chick in a Vette is a bit of a turn on.
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