Jan 26, 2009
Winnipeg Manitoba
2016 Corvette Z06
Check out my buddies 2003 C5 Z06 with a 450CID solid roller cam, still naturally aspirated motor with no power adders. C6 rear diff and C6 M6 tranny, mini tubbed with 345 rubber on the back. Big power for a naturally aspirated car.

Motor is in the process of being installed now and he should have it back home in a couple of weeks

3 years ago there was a 1998 C5 Convertible here with a (Pro Charger type) super charger on it pulling over 1000HP at the crank and putting down 844RWHP until he crashed into the finish line display timer for the left hand lane, demolished the car but he walked away. I think it was a 402CID motor. I wish I still had his dyno sheet to post.
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Once he gets the car home I will record a clip. It likely is going to be toned down from last year. The last 2 years the engine he had, had the most incredible sound I've ever heard from an LS engine. He could spin the 345 rear rubber at will, even at 60 MPH plus. He figures with the solid cam the car will sound different again. The car was a rush to ride in. The money he has spent on engine work and mods since he first got the car has gone through many many changes and likely heading toward 6 figures now.
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Hey that convertible-that was Rosy's car? It had a YSi-I helped tune that car. I flew down there a couple of times to tune it.

Yep that was Rosy's car indeed, took me 2 years to convince him to put an automatic in it. I almost bought the remains but too much engine damage as well. It ended up in Calgary I think. A buddy with a tranny shop down the street had it at his shop. He had bought it off Rosy, then sold it last year.
Rosy's car sounded so mild to my buddies Z06 with the 450CID when he had the hydraulic cam. Be interesting to hear how it'll sound with the solid roller cam. The engine is back in MN, awaiting installation.
He has a HD clutch for sale any interest?
Nice-would love to see what loss from an engine dyno to chassis dyno would be.

His last set up with the Hydraulic cam made 679.7 crank HP at 6500RPM and 601.5 pounds of torque at 5600. I have those dyno sheets as well. It made 595RWHP on a 97 degree day at 100% humidly at Doug Rippie's shop. Doug said had it been first thing in the morning at 70 degrees, lower humidity it should make about 20HP more.
His next door neighbour had a 454CID engine done up at the same shop in the States for his 2010 SS Camaro. He made similar power. Both these cars have incredible sounds.
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